Who are we ?

Our Story

Precipice Clothing started out as a "what if" conversation in 2017.

Back in 2015, thanks to my oldest son, I began exploring the world of parkour. I quickly became enchanted with the freedom of movement and creativity of the sport.


That's when I noticed many of the women who train dress like our male counterparts. However..we have our own approach to moving and style...our gear should reflect that...

I also became aware of just how few options  there were for conciencious clothing choices in athlesiure wear for both men & women....and Precipice was created.

When it comes to clothing...I am  ALL OVER the scale, so making clothes fit is something I have a great deal of experience in. I have been a sewist for the majority of my life, and now I'm putting all that knowledge to work. I love combining textiles, designs and seeing how it all moves together.

My name is Suzi Bridges, and I am blessed beyond imagination to call Precipice Clothing Company my workplace. Come check us out. Let us know what you think. We are a community of movers and dreamers. 

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