On the edge of something great

Girlfriend Collection

Precipice is a spirited, one of a kind clowhing company located in Montana. Since 2017,  we've focused on creating custom-made parkour and  athlesiure wear for women and men.


Precipice was created by a woman who trains and understands the need for comfortable movement-friendly attire...and because they are pro-movement oriented- these clothes will work no matter what you're doing. In or out of the gym, on a run or meetings friends.We use sustanable, organic textiles in our creations whenever possible and they - like the owner...are pretty low maintence and fashionable. From our training gear to casual wear, we have your style and comfort in mind. 

We construct our clothing 1 piece at a time- to your exact specifications. You have the options of size, color and fit. We want you to feel your best !!  Let us create something that's uniquely you-Become a part of Precipice. Join us... on the edge of something great.

Boyfriend Collection


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